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Happy 4th of July! I trust everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday. What a great weekend to reflect and take time to be thankful for the country we live in and the freedoms we enjoy every day. After having just got back from a recent trip to the Middle East, this seems even more poignant. Even though our country is not perfect, many of the people we met there were trying very hard to get here to experience opportunities unavailable to them. It was an eye opening experience and I thought it was good to remind myself of that every now and then. In the spirt of freedom and for your enjoyment, we have our two newest red wines, the 2012 “J and J” Zinfandel and the 2013 “Safari Vineyard” Petit Verdot. Your credit card has been charged $37.50 for these two selections plus tax and any applicable shipping. If you have chosen to pick up your wine club, you may do so at any time.

The Wines:

– 2012 “J and J” Zinfandel

Great grapes from great people, this Zin is out of Fairplay in southern El Dorado County. This Zin has the great fruit and jammy character that our area is known for. On this particular wine I get some nice mild cherry notes with a faint bittersweet chocolate character that makes for a nice combination. When asked if I only had one varietal to drink on a deserted island, I always say Zin. This is not just for the versatility of the types of wines you can make with it but also because Zin is so unpretentious when paring it with food. Zin goes very well with lots of kinds of food so explore and see what you come up with!

Wine Club price: $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price: $25.00/bottle

– 2013 “Safari Vineyard” Petit Verdot

Ready for the next Petit Verdot? I know we are. Here are the grapes that we just picked up for some blending and the wine from them ended up being one of our top sellers. It’s from northern El Dorado County in the Coloma area where gold was discovered in the mid 1800’s. The only gold this area is pumping out now ends up in your glass. This Petit Verdot is a great forecast for the 2013 wines that are yet to come as they all seem to showing really nice deep fruit some even more than the 2012’s. It’s as if the volume of the 2013 vintage is cranked up just a little more from the growing season. This wine is the deep purple you’ve come to expect from this varietal with all that wonderful, fruit forward jammy character. You may encounter violet, plum, or blackberry along the way. If we were hosting a couple friends for dinner, I may find a nice summer pairing for the Zin and move into the Petit Verdot afterward.

Wine Club price: $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price: $25.00/bottle

Just a quick note, the tasting room is always quieter this time of year as July is usually one of the slower months with so much going on in the summer. It’s always 70 degrees in the tasting room so come up and hang out and try some delicious wine!


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