Wine Club Newsletter April 2017

Rain, Rain go away…. Just when it looked like it was safe to go outside and get some sun, here we go again with more storms. What a wacky winter and an abrupt end to our drought. I think we will just have to wait and see how all this water will play out with the grape harvest this year, as usual, never a dull moment in farming. For enjoyment this time around we have our two newest red wines, the 2014 “Safari Vineyard” Petit Verdot and the 2014 “Quartz Hill Vineyard” Pinotage. These are both favorites for sure, but the Petit Verdot is at the top of the heap. Many of you have been inquiring as to when we’d be releasing the 2014, so no surprise that it will disappear very quickly. Your credit card has been charged $37.50 for these two selections plus tax and any applicable shipping. If you have chosen to pick up your wine club, you may do so at any time.

The Wines:

2014 “Safari Vineyard” Petit Verdot

This year’s Petit Verdot can certainly speak for itself this time around. In past vintages no matter how highly I thought of this wine it only seemed to grab silvers and bronzes at the various fairs commercial wine competitions. This year was a bit different, it won gold at this year’s California State Fair, Double gold at the Amador Fair, and Double Gold, Best Commercial Wine, won the vineyard Best El Dorado Vineyard, and won me Best Winemaker at the El Dorado County Fair. Wow! That’s what I’m talking about. This wine will seem very similar to those you that are familiar with the past couple vintages but maybe this one casts a bit bigger shadow. As I mentioned above, it will sell out very quickly. My guess is it will be gone in 3-4 weeks so please don’t wait if you need any extra.

Wine Club price:  $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price:  $25.00/bottle

2014 “Quartz Hill Vineyard” Pinotage

Here is South Africa’s signature varietal that is a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. This is from Quartz Hill vineyard in northern El Dorado County, actually not too far from the tasting room. Grown in a great location, with great soil, and by one of the hardest working farmers in our area; How could you go wrong?

I have always loved this varietal mostly because it doesn’t taste like anything else we make as it is uniquely distinct. Push aside the “usual glass” and pour your friends something different.

Wine Club price:  $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price:  $25.00/bottle

Last year we sold all of the ultra-obscure varietal Lagrein that we had allotted for futures, which was about half. It left us about 40 cases to pour and sell for this year. We will start tasting this one on our bar in June and it will be available for sale until it’s gone. If you haven’t experienced this one it is something else. It is at least as dark as our Petite Sirah, a destroyer of worlds with unapologetic grip, you’ve got to try it. Also, El Dorado County is doing their annual Passport over the next two weekends. We aren’t participating this year but I thought it worth mentioning just because there will be more traffic out on the road. If you are doing Passport, feel free to swing in and grab your wine club and say hello.


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