Wine Club Newsletter October 2016

Busy time of year! Lots going on right now including harvest and several events coming up in the next few weeks/months to tell you about. We will be emailing you all the information about the individual events so check your inbox soon.

First off, Lucinda’s Country Inn will be hosting us on the evening of October 29th in Fairplay for a Farm2Fork Dinner. It looks to be a great evening of food, wine and good company. We also will be doing our annual Turkey Feed Dinner on Saturday and Sunday November 5th and 6th long before you are tired of turkey and as always we will pray to the weather gods that everything works out well.

For enjoyment this time around we have our two newest red wines, the 2013 “D’Artagnan Vineyard” Malbec and the 2013 El Dorado Petite Sirah. Your credit card has been charged $41.25 for these two selections plus tax and any applicable shipping. If you have chosen to pick up your wine club, you may do so at any time.

The Wines:

2013 “D’Artagnan Vineyard” Malbec

Here we have a Bordeaux grape that the wineries of South America have really made known the world around. I have definitely been seeing more Malbec produced as a single varietal lately but don’t think it’s mainstream yet. It is known as a blending grape but it really does shine on its own, especially when grown in a climate with great soils and weather. In Argentina the Mendoza region is at the top of the heap for South American Malbec and, interestingly enough, has an elevation around 2400’’ which is very close to the elevation where the majority of our grapes are grown. This wine always has great blue-black fruit characteristics and is very consistent in taste year over year. Pairs great with food but also drinks really good on its own.

Wine Club price: $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price: $25.00/bottle

2013 “El Dorado” Petite Sirah

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, it has been a long time since we’ve had a single varietal Petite Sirah in the bottle. I absolutely love this varietal, it may even be my favorite. We make Petite Sirah every year but our Zin and Momentum seem to always gobble it all up. This is designated as El Dorado because it’s from two different vineyards in the Fairplay area of El Dorado County; Nine Oaks Vineyard and Sierra Moon Vineyard. I think you could make a good argument for Petite Sirah being the Fairplay area’s signature grape. The combination of the decomposed granite soil and California weather seems to always provide a big, deep, dark wine and this one is right there. Fairplay seems to produce Petite Sirah’s that have this incredible monster fruit but also manageable tannins that give it great structure without being to over-the-top. Your eyes will get the first hint of the intensity before you ever even take the first sip.

Wine Club price: $22.50/bottle, $ 270.00/case

Retail price: $30.00/bottle

One more upcoming event to tell you about, on Saturday November 19th from 11-5 the wineries of Carson Road are doing our annual Carson Road Barrel Tasting. Spend a great day tasting the future of wines produced in the area and chatting with the winemakers about the harvest. As always we hope you enjoy these wines and share them with someone you love!


The Hills