Wine Club Newsletter October 2017

Hello from the foothills! We are finishing things up for the harvest year, all the fruit is in and we are just trying to get everything safely to the barrel and tucked away for the winter. We are still moving everyone over to our new charging system as it now requires the CVC number off the back and the billing zip code associated with the card. This system is more secure and uses the chips on the card. You should have received a call or email by now but if we haven’t updated your information please call us at 530-306-3873 or swing by the tasting room. It took some jostling around but we finally have some dates for the End of Harvest Turkey feed for November 18 and 19th (more info at the end of this letter.) For enjoyment this time around we have our two newest red wines, the 2015“Thaddeus” Alicante Bouschet and the 2015 “Quartz Hill” Pinotage. Your credit card has been charged $39.75 for these two selections plus tax and any applicable shipping. If you have chosen to pick up your wine club, you may do so at any time.

The Wines:

2015 “Thaddeus Vineyard” Alicante Bouschet

Alicante is what they call a teinturier grape variety, which is a French word meaning ‘tinter’ or ‘dyer’ denoting grapes with pigmented flesh. As almost all of the other varieties have clear juice inside the berry, this one has red juice and flesh. The result in the finished wine is usually a very deep, crimson ruby color as this one is. This grape is a cross of Petit Bouschet and Grenache and as it’s been around the wine world for a very long time it seems to be enjoying a renaissance of sorts with more modern producers making it as a single variety wine. This one particularly benefits from some air exposure before opening, Cherie and I opened this about two hours before a nice dinner and it smooths it out wonderfully. Give it a shot!

Wine Club price:  $21.00/bottle, $ 252.00/case

Retail price:  $28.00/bottle

2015 “Quartz Hill” Pinotage

Here’s a new vintage of an old favorite, a most unusual and obscure grape that loves the foothills. A cross of Pinot Noir (a French Burgandy) and Cinsault (a French Rhone.) This grape is grown for us up near Apple Hill just about 6 miles from the tasting room. Hard working growers who know what they’re doing gives us a great start with the fruit to do what we do best. This year’s is rich, chewy and has great fruit. Saddle it up next to some turkey for a great pairing or just enjoy it on its own.

Wine Club price:  $18.75/bottle, $ 225.00/case

Retail price:  $25.00/bottle

Our annual End of Harvest Party will be on Saturday and Sunday November 18th and 19th this year. We will be frying up some golden brown birds and slinging the sultry Pumpkin Soup at our tasting room in Camino. Come on up for a great time and hopefully great fall weather to get the holiday season kicked off right. As always enjoy this holiday season safely and surrounded by the ones you love.


The Hills